Independence Skills for Independent Kids

How much would you pay to teach your kids to leave you alone? ūü§£ūüėČ

Develop a personalized strategy 

to teach your kids independence skills


Your kids learn valuable life skills...

you create time to get things done.

What You'll Learn

The goal of this course is to help moms teach their kids to play independently and entertain themselves so that mom is able to focus on completing work in a focused and timely manner.


My 3-part, proven system helps you create a personalized strategy for the unique interests, age level, and needs of your household. Not only do I address what your child will do when playing independently and how to get started, but I also tackle the mindset around why it is important for you and your kids. I even set you up evolve your routine as your kids grow and mature.


Solidify what your child will do and why these skills are important.


Take action on the plans you made and practice without pressure.


Modify your plan as your child's  matures and interests change.

  • Plus these bonus worksheets to help you succeed:

  • Age Appropriate Independent Play Ideas

    Over 30 ideas for independent, open ended play for kids of all ages. Use these ideas to create your initial routine or to supplement when your plan needs a bit of tweeking.  

  • Plan Your Work Worksheet

    Once your kids are playing independently, it's time for you to make the most of the time you're earned. Use this worksheet to establish your priorities and plan what you will work on during your child's independent play periods.

Caught in the act!

Actual footage of my 6 and 8 year old playing a game while I am creating this very product!! Create your own personalized strategy for helping kids develop independence skills.


If it's possible for my kids, it's possible for yours.


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Does this sound familiar?

Do you want focused time to work but are afraid to "ignore" your children?


While developing this course, I polled some of the moms in my community about their biggest struggles as moms working from home so I could address their struggles. 

  • Work Life

    "I feel like when I make a phone call or am dealing with a client request that requires a bit more texting, my kids are drawn to me like a moth to a flame."

  • Balance

    "Mom guilt sets in when you are busy juggling mom duties, home duties, and not enough days to complete your tasks for your work or personal time."

  • Mom Guilt

    "I hate feeling like I should be doing more 'fun, interactive' things with them when really all I wanted was some peace and quiet to work."

  • Boundaries

    "It’s difficult for me because I want my kids to know that they are important to me when I am home but learn to respect that mommy is constantly working."

If this sounds like you,

I can help!

Join me today...

  • Help kids develop skills to entertain themselves

  • Encourage problem solving and independence for kids

  • Evolve your routine as your kids grow


one time payment

Meet the Business Savvy Mama

I help moms balance growing their business and increasing their revenue with quality, intentional family time by implementing time management and productivity strategies along with family oriented mindset shifts.


I spent 10 years growing and building a professional organizing business with zero entrepreneurial experience. Within 3 years, I was able to leave my full-time job (2 years before I had planned) and make the same amount of income while working half as much.


I work hard to practice the balance I preach...I make time for plenty of PokemonGo walks, camping, board games, and reading Harry Potter with my 2 boys, husband, blind dog and killer cat.

    "She really has the know-how because she has been actively living the balance of an entrepreneur and the family ringmaster. Her big heart and sharp wit make her the best coach to help you navigate upcoming trends, big challenges, and growing into your success."

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    Rose Lounsbury

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    Independence Skills for

    Independent Kids

    Be the mom who teaches their kids to play independently so that you can cross items off your

    to-do list and get more done in your work and family life.

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