Who Wants a Big Ol'

Bucket of Family Fun?

(Me! Me! I do! I do!)

Stop worrying that the years are flying by and you're missing them.

Start planning enjoyable family activities in just minutes.

As a mom-to-2 and entrepreneur, I've been where you are:

  • You can't find the time You want to spend time with your family. You really do. But there are so many other tasks and obligations that get in the way. It all feels very overwhelming.

  • You're tired of disappointing your kids Ugh! The looks on your kid's faces when they ask to do something but you've a long to-do list or a task takes longer than you thought it would.

  • You plan activities, but they're a bust You try to calm your mom guilt by planning super fun family activities...but your family complains, fights, or says they want to do something else.

That's where my Family Fun Bucket List can help!

Join my FREE Family Fun Bucket List email list for monthly worksheets to help you:

  • Plan and schedule family time that everyone will enjoy
  • Collect ideas from the whole family so you don't have to plan it all yourself
  • Includes seasonal activities in all price ranges
  • AND guarantee you spend more time with your family.

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