Let's Make Sure

Your Family Fun Gets Done!

​A mom that feels fun and fulfilled shows up happier and more productive

for their family, clients, & themselves. But so often, we don't make the time.

Let's help you make the time for fun & fulfillment...

As a mom-to-2 and entrepreneur, I've been where you are:

  • You can't find the time You want to spend time with your family. You really do. But there are so many other tasks and obligations that get in the way. It all feels very overwhelming.

  • You're tired of disappointing your kids Ugh! The looks on your kid's faces when they ask to do something but you've a long to-do list or a task takes longer than you thought it would.

  • You plan activities, but they're a bust You try to calm your mom guilt by planning super fun family activities...but your family complains, fights, or says they want to do something else.

That's where my Family Fun Bucket List can help!

It can be hard to find the time to plan activities or the bandwidth to figure out what to do....


When you join my Family Fun Bucket List Community, you block out specific time to spend with your family doing activities that everyone suggests. And when you involve them in the process, they feel invested, enjoy family activities more...and hold you accountable. #fungetsdone


Every month, you'll receive a new worksheet and chance to plan your family's activities before your schedule fills in. And you'll receive weekly emails with simple, easy activity ideas in case you're feeling overwhelmed or forgot to plan.


Studies have shown that having fun:

👉improves your relationships

👉lowers your stress levels

👉increase your energy levels

👉AND improves your productivity

by giving your brain a chance to rest and recover.

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You don't have to plan it all. In fact, listening to activity ideas from your family not only takes the planning load off of your shoulders, but it empowers their ideas AND gives them confidence to share.

When you create a block of time for your family activity, you are more likely to make it happen than if you leave it to chance. Plus, when you plan the activities together AND your kids know when it is supposed to happen, they won't let you forget.

Stuck in a "Fun Rut"? Each month, your Family Fun Bucket List Worksheet will include 5-7 seasonal activities for inspiration. Activity ideas are simple, easy to schedule, and fun for all age levels. Think of them as a springboard for your family's imagination.

When you receive your Family Fun Bucket List Worksheet each month, sit down for a short family meeting. Encourage everyone to submit their ideas. Then grab a calendar and schedule the time. When that time is a priority, the fun gets done.

Ready to start planning simple, easy family fun

so you can experience more fulfillment & joy

in all areas of your life?

Click below to join my Monthly Family Fun Bucket List community & receive your first worksheet.

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